At Command D, loyalty runs deep. Both ways.

We have over FIFTY subscriber customers who have been with us for TEN YEARS OR LONGER. We won't let you down when it comes to comics. That's why our new subscribers are just as happy with our service as the many customers we've had for OVER TWENTY YEARS. Amazing, Spider-man, but true!

The Facts speak for themselves.

When you subscribe to your favorite comic books at Command D you'll never have to wonder again if you're going to miss issues that sell like hot cakes off the shelves. We'll save them for you so you can pick them up at your convenience. And we have NO MINIMUM subscription size.

We also have a huge selection of back issues and so many action figures from the 70's, 80's and 90's, we have to hang them from the ceiling!

Come in and take a look around. you'll be glad you did.